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Natural Mix


Naturally bred.  Bees play a leading role in developing Metis® fruit.  Natural cross pollination between selected apricot pollen and plum blooms is the first step.  Then the obtained varieties are expertly crossed with plum trees to get Metis®. 

GMO free, pure nature at it’s best.

100% Health

Full of vitamins A, B, C and E which strengthen cell regeneration. Full of life- giving antioxidants.

More than a plum

A different taste, a pleasure for children and adults alike. Premium quality you can rely on.

Exclusivity and limited edition

only available from May to November

Distinctive Qualities

Valores difernciales
100% Health More than a plum Exclusivity and limited edition


Metis® farmers are dedicated to providing the best quality fruit.  They take great care of each Metis® tree, making sure the harvest only begins when the fruit is at it’s best, and picking each fruit by hand.

Our job is developed following precise farm, selection and handling standards. This method allows us to ensure that what the consumer gets is always the best following the criteria below:

- Biodiversity. Respectful teamwork with nature, making the most of nature. Taking care of it and sustainable.

- Sweet fruits with firm peel and strong flavour.

- Selection of the best varieties.

- Variety diversity. Each variety is unique due to its flavour nuances. It’s always a surprise for our palate.

- Limited production: Sustainable production for a Premium product.


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