The Metis® story originated in California in 1923.  Fred Anderson, a pioneer of stone fruit development, started experimenting by crossing different stone fruits.  In the 1940’s, Norman Bradford (at the age of 18) began working with Fred. Norman dedicated his life to the development of Metis®, always searching for the best posible taste and eating experience. Glen Bradford, Norman´s son, joined the program in the 80s.

An average of 10,000 hybrids (10,000 plants as a result of natural bee pollination) are evaluated in order to select one commercial Metis® member. Thousands of commercial varieties have been selected, which means that millions of hybrids have been evaluated before…

In the early 80s, Rústicas del Guadalquivir (Sevilla - Spain) and Star Fruit (Orange - France) travelled to USA looking for new varieties. They discovered Bradford´s varietal programme and the Metis® Project began.

Over the years Metis® plantations have developed in America and Europe.  In Europe there are a number of fruit leaders who are dedicated to Metis® - Royal (Spain), Blue Whale (France) and Zani & Minguzzi (Italy).

100 years of varietal innovation, effort, and full-time commitment have delivered this new taste experience.


Plumtastic Project


In the early 80s, Rústicas del Guadalquivir (Sevilla - Spain) and Star Fruit (Orange - France) travelled to USA looking for new varieties. They met Bradford´s varietal programme and, from the first moment, they stablished synergies due to the dual target of offering best quality fruit and innovation.

This partnership guaranteed not only the introducing to the market but also agreement, experience and a work method. This allowed to strength the know-how developed from the beginning, and guaranteed Metis® as a premium fruit wherever it was farmed.

From that moment the Plumtastic project began to take shape in an international project of both American and European teams. Over the years Metis® plantations began to appear and farming and commercialization protocols began to be established. It is at this point where the project was given a universal form with the creation of plumtastic Group formed by the European fruit leaders: Royal (Spain), Blue Whale (France) and Zani & Minguzzi in Italy. As of now, Metis® is farmed in Europe with an area of ​​over 400 hectares with three production areas. A successful project where consumers are delighted with Metis® from May to November every year.


Plumtastic Group



Over 40 years of quality tradition. Royal is a European leader ready for future with the supreme fruit spirit from the very beginning.



Nr. 1 exporter in France. One of the largest producers in the world which motto is to offer the highest quality.



Innovation, bet for traditional farming and new working methods make Zani one of the most important companies in Italy.



A company focused on future main aims are: Experience, love for quality and desire for self-improvement every day.

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