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Tribute to Glen, in his memory and thanks for his legacy

Sad news for our entire sector: Glen Bradford, the father and initiator of the breeding program which gave birth to the Metis® plums, has just passed away after fighting for long weeks for life.

As a simple and modest man, he worked all his life on fruit varieties improvement for a large community of producers around the world of peach / nectarine, plum, and more recently cherry and apricot. Glen's work focused on finding the high taste quality of fruit to satisfy consumers. A life dedicated to progress, Glen has put all his science and intuition at the service of the industry and for the pleasure of fruit lovers.

A great creator of fruit varieties has left us, and for many, a friend. His legacy will remain for a long time. As Glen did with his own father Norman, and his own father before him with the initiator of the program, Fred Anderson; Glen was able to transmit all his art and his passion to his son-in-law, Jon Quisenberry. The family history continues through the generations. The entire Metis® Fruits community joins together to pay a deep tribute to Glen, and wishes to send a unanimous message of support to his loved family. RIP Glen 🖤