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 Metis® Family

It consists of 5 Metis®, each with their own personality. The crunchy bite, the flavor of its juice…discover all its nuances, sometimes sweet, sometimes acid, and sometimes spicy. 

Metis® invites you to play, create, mix, enjoy, taste and colour, giving more and more sensations and more happiness to share!








Bigger and tastier. This size is perfect for baking or other recipes.

45-50 mm

Find the same flavour and qualities just in a smaller size. Perfect to take for lunchboxes or snacks. 

Essayez-les et régalez-vous !!

The Star,
Be Joyful!

Sunny Day is a little taste of sunshine. Fruit from the sun. Summer in your mouth.

A vacation full of vitamins, in every energizing bite, that refreshes and makes your mood rise tho its zenith.