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A true History

The fruit of shared experiences

At Metis®, the mix is ​​in our culture, more than that, it is in our nature. It reveals a true personality. A history of fruit like no other, proud of to be different as a result of the union of plum and apricot. The result of the exchange of universes and the know-how of professionals.

Dare to mix colors

The experience goes further, extending to the display. When selecting your fruit, Metis® invites you to create your own basket according to your own tastes, culture and ideas. Vary the colours, and enrich your daily life thanks to the mixture.

Enjoy every moment

Values​​ of sharing and generosity that have a place in each moment in life. For a moment, let us unite our differences, join our ideas and enjoy a moment of coexistence where the mixture allows access to different pleasures, flavours and colours.

Colour your dishes

Metis® can go even further ... It accompanies you to the dish, in recipes that follow your inspiration: cakes, sweets, salads, smoothies and many others. The only limit is your imagination!

your emotions

The mixture is everywhere in Metis®, we are convinced that sharing is the origin of this little detail, which makes life so tasty. Listen, exchange, everything with joy and good humor, values ​​that are dear to the heart of our fruit.